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    YourPlace Banking®

    The benefit that helps your employees reach their potential.

    At Citizens Bank, we're committed to helping our customers reach their potential. For busy, hard-working employees like yours, we want to make banking as easy as picking up the phone to talk to their own personal banker or walking down the hall to attend a workshop about saving for retirement.

    YourPlace Banking® is a convenient employee benefit that gives your employees access to everything Citizens Bank has to offer—starting with a direct line to their own personal banker and a complimentary financial review right where they work.

    • Saving for their child’s education?
    • Planning their retirement?
    • Buying a new home?
    • Consolidating debt?

    Their personal banker can provide them with clear answers and personalized guidance to even their most complicated money questions. On the path to meet their unique goals, we’ll help them make a plan that’s right for them. We’ll explain our products, help them weigh their options and introduce them to our specialists.

    Questions?Ask a Citizen.
    Questions?Ask a Citizen.

    YourPlace Banking® Benefits

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    Business Advisor Checking?

    Open a relationship bank account aligned to the needs of your expanding business.

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    Minimum balance to open:

    Any amount

    Monthly maintenance fee


    Waived with $10,000 average daily balance or with $35,000 monthly combined qualified checking, savings, and loan balance.


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